January 27, 2020 by Carlo Faccini

Jon Schindel and Scott Seiler Published!

SeilerSchindel is proud to announce that Partners Jon Schindel and Scott Seiler are co-authors of the Purchase and Sale of a Business Deskbook, published by Minnesota CLE. Jon authored a section on the role of business brokers in the transaction of selling a business, whereas Scott authored a section on ancillary documents to the purchase …


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December 19, 2019 by SeilerSchindel

Is Asset Protection Possible Without a Prenup in Minnesota?

What Is Asset Protection? Divorce is never a topic that people like to think about―especially when planning a wedding. However, with a high percentage of marriages ending in divorce and more than 430,000 currently divorced individuals in the state of Minnesota, asset protection in the event of marital dissolution is important to consider. Asset protection is a …


December 17, 2019 by SeilerSchindel

How to Protect Yourself in a Divorce

Even when parting ways on amicable terms, divorces can be messy. When it comes down to dividing the assets, relinquishing certain financial investments, and deciding on custody of children and pets, emotions can run high. These emotions can cause those amicable intentions to go sour over time. The longer the divorce process, the more likely this becomes. …