Jeremy E. Warring Associate

PHONE: (952) 358-7400

Best $300 Dad Ever Spent

After graduating from William Mitchell College of Law in 2010, Jeremy borrowed $300 from his dad to buy a laptop so he could start his own firm. Simple enough. Then in 2012, Andy Dosdall teamed up with Jeremy and they continued building the firm from one cheap laptop to a highly respected practice. In 2015 that firm joined SeilerSchindel.

Having the experience of starting, growing, and operating a successful business, Mr. Warring knows what keeps owners awake. He learned early on the importance of outsourcing what you don’t know and sticking to what you do best. This is often a noble fault of many owners who need to simply focus on running the business. Fortunately, business law is what Jeremy knows best. He also represents clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions, and provides estate planning and business succession planning services.

On his “off” days, you can find Jeremy hacking around a golf course or eating chicken wings (sometimes at the same time). He and his wife Jennifer are also serious animal advocates supporting pet-rescuing and no-kill shelters. Dogs love this guy…that’s a good sign.



We are accountable to give 100% to our families, clients and colleagues. “Work hard, play hard” isn’t just a cliché for us, it is a way of life.


We are unwavering in our commitment to our profession, clients and colleagues. We relentlessly seek outcome-based solutions both internally and for our clients.


We share a desire to give back to our communities through volunteer and philanthropic activities.


We build and cherish long-lasting relationships with our colleagues and clients. The spirit of friendship is always present in our professional and personal lives.


We strive to be patient, honest and kind to those with whom we come in contact. There is no hierarchy to respect.